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University mysteries - episode 3 - First meetings

*Hi mates, I have another experiences for my diary and which I want to share with you. We have still few days off before the school starts, so we decided to enjoy them. Everyone did it his way. We set out yesterday. Yes, even I picked up my butt and went for a walk. I wanted a little to check it around here and acquaint with this new environment so I took my camera and went out. It was in the early morning, others were still sleeping. I wanted to see and enjoy the sunrise. I really love it...I´m a little bit romantic. Unfortunately it was cloudy and my longed-for romantic atmosphere did not happen. Anyway, this place really has something special. On the one side there are historical buildings with their special and unmistakable atmosphere, on the other side modern young people, who came here to get new knowledge and experience which could be useful in their future. I saw many interesting things and places. Here I´ll show few of my photos I took that day. I´m no professional photographer, so please, be lenient. 
If I´m not wrong, Molly had a date. She found a new boyfriend quite quickly, don´t you think? She went out with Sebastian. He is the policeman who came two days ago when we were looking for Alice. I must admit he´s handsome guy, but he´s not my type. I´m curious how long they´ll stay together. In last one year Molly soon split up with all her partners. Hopefully he´s not one of that vengeful jealous guys.*
The truth is that Molly was quite compatible with Sebastian and she enjoyed whole day in his company. They went to café, they talk to each other to know themselves better and they were dancing slow dance by the evening. They couldn´t tear their eyes away from them.
*Jack went to the hospital to find out how is Alice. I heard they´ll let her go soon. Her temperature is all right now and her leg wasn´t even broken, the bone was partially cracked. They said it is healing surprisingly fast, so in a few days she won´t have even a plaster.
Well... Will and Grace went to meet local vicinity the way they went to the town. They had lunch in café and spent the afternoon by playing bowling. From that what they told me they weren´t very good at it. William wanted to amaze Grace at first, but when he hit just one pin, he would rather disappear. 
Grace also didn´t show much. She didn´t estimate a weight of a ball and she ended on the floor like a chewing gum on a pavement plus she hit also only one pin. Then they got a little better at it, but I guess they´ll go play bowling more often now to prevent from having such embarrassment again.
Oh and when I was coming back home I met one handsome guy. Though his style of clothing was terrible, he looked pleasantly. He smiled at me and said: “If you want, today I throw a party in the evening. At our brotherhood, there´ll be fine people and drink...I would be glad if you had come too.”
I think it´s not necessary to say I didn´t want to go there. I don´t like going where are crowds of people, especially when I don´t know them.
“I even don´t know your name,” I told him. He said if I come, he will tell me his name. I think it was my curiosity what made me to agree that I´ll come. I wasn´t many times on such events, you know? I even didn´t know, what to wear, what to take with me...I was nervous. What if they won´t like me? What if I´ll make a fool of me? But I promised I´ll go there and I keep my word. I told myself I won´t make a drama of it. I kept the clothes I had on me, you can get dirty on such events anyway, and I just set out.

I rang the doorbell. According to the noise I supposed everybody was already there and enjoyed the party. The door opened and there was standing that handsome guy.
“So you´re really here,” he gave me a smile.
“A promise is a promise and because you had come it´s my turn now. My name is Greg. Come in.”
He had such lovely and friendly smile that I couldn´t resist and came in. After all, I met many awesome people there and I had a great time.
I returned home after midnight. I took a shower and wanted to go to bed. Suddenly I saw something out of the window. There was some light on a churchyard. It was moving. Probably someone was walking with it. In fact I´m not sure if it wasn´t just a dream, but it was so real... I really don´t know if it happened or not. If it was real, then I´m curious who was there and what did he do there. However I´ll figure it out.
 For now, bye and kiss, your Kate.*

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