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University mysteries - ep. 7 - The evil never sleeps

The second week at school was ending. Everyone started to be knowledgeable of the school estates and university rules. Everyone started to belong somewhere. Yes. The thing they thought that it´s only at high school met them again – social groups. Nerds, jocks, rebels. Sorting to those who are popular and those who are usually unnoticed or even unwanted. Everyone started to be a part of one of the groups. Grace and Alice had thanks to their look and behaviour a big probability to get to a school girls´ high society. The group which almost every girl wished to be part of, because almost every handsome boy or man longed for one of them. Also they had some privileges.
William and Jack were almost members of similar group, but it was men´s version. Yet, Will considered these “divisions” to be stupid. He didn´t concern with it, and so in fact it happened against his will.
Molly could be one of the popular girls too, but she had often too radical behaviour and opinions, so she got to the rebels. 
And Kate as always was immediately thrown among the nerds, who were popular just when someone needed a help with something.
Fortunately it didn´t show at the dormitory. They knew each other quite well and they were act to themselves no matter which social group they belonged to. Kate also stopped persuading others about her churchyard-lights theory. She wasn´t very successful anyway. They didn´t want to believe her. However, there was one success. Once Alice stopped her and told her looking straight into Kates´ eyes: “I believe you saw that lights as well as there is hiding much more behind that mystery. I just don´t know, how to help you.”

“You already did. You believe me and the belief is a very powerful thing. Thank you.”
Suddenly Kates´ mood was much better.
In the afternoon Molly set out for a tutorial to professor Hoggs, who taught a painting and aesthetics. He was very satisfied with her work. He wanted to speak with her about some techniques of painting and to show her something. Molly knocked the door of his office.

“Come in,” a kind voice of professor Hoggs was heard.

Molly opened the door.
“Oh, Molly. Come, come in. Please, sit down.”

They even didn´t noticed they´re talking more than hour. Professor praised her again and told her she has a big potential and perspective.

“You wanted to show me something.”

“Yes, indeed. Follow me.” 
He took Molly to a depository where the university collections of art, archaeological discoveries and also the best of students’ works were stored.

“DaSimci, Simcasso, van Simgogh and many others. If you´d need an inspiration or just see all that beauty, come to me and I´ll open the store for you.”

“Thank you, professor. If you excuse me now, I have to go.”

Molly hurried back to dormitory, because she should go to a party with Grace and Will. Kate already had an appointment with Greg and Jack with Alice went to the cinema to watch a film.
It was quite close, so they were walking. The party was organized in house of one of the Williams´ classmates. In fact most of people there were Wills´ classmates, but they told him to take Molly and Grace with him. Supposedly to let the party rip and to have there as many beautiful girls as possible. When they got there the party was in full swing. There could be about thirty people. Loud music and a lot of drinking.
Grace was smiling: “What do we waiting for? Let´s go booze!”

Girls jumped to the middle of the room and started to swing sensually in the rhythm of the music. Will tried to find some pleasant and intelligent company, but he didn´t succeed. So he decided to have a drink. Maybe it´ll help him to start a conversation. Friday changed to Saturday.

“The 1 a.m. is coming! It means it´s the time for the best music!” one girl shouted.
By the time Will bumped into Grace and they spoke together first time for the whole night. Grace was quite drunk.
“So, what do you think William?”

“I can´t say I´d adore everyone here. One guy is still staring at me such oddly...I even think he´s observing me. And another one looks like he´d like to hit me. On the other hand there are some people I like.”

“Well...I think you should drink more.”

“And you should stop drinking.”

“Oh come on! Don´t spoil the party. Plus I know my limits. Oh...look, there´s Henry. He owes me a short drink! Have fun, I must go.”

Will had another drink. He started to feel dizzy. He had to sit down and he felt sick. All of a sudden Molly appeared out of the crowd – just as Grace she was quite drunk – and started to speak to Will.

“Look around. There are just horny materialists and sexists. They´re gaping at us like we would be a meat in a shop window. I´d like to kick their... Are you all right? You look sick. Don´t you want to get some fresh air?”

“Yeah, that´s a good idea. I feel terrible.”

William stood up. His legs were so weak. He tottered from side to side. 
Before anyone realized it, it was morning. Some people left, some of them were sleeping and those who were already awake were pretty hangover. The house was half-empty. Only a few stickers finished up the kegs. Grace was looking for the others. Finally she found Molly.

She woke her up and asked her: “Did you see Will somewhere?”

“No, I didn´t saw him for a while. Why?”

“I can´t find him. I searched the house, but he´s nowhere here.”

“When I saw him last time, he was pretty drunk. I told him to get some fresh air...”

“I was outside too, but he´s not there.”

“Maybe he already went home.”

“If he was in such state as you say, he could barely walk. Wait, I´ll call Kate, if he is at home after all.”

“Maybe we´ll meet him somewhere in a ditch on our way home,” Molly cynically laughed.
“That´s not like him. And Kate says he´s not at the dormitory. When did you saw him last time?”
“I don´t know. It could be about 1 a.m. It was just a while after someone was screaming something about playing better music.”

“But then you had to see him just a minute after me, although when I spoke with him, he seemed to me almost sober. I even incited him to have a drink.”

“Probably he obeyed your advice.”

“But where is he? Go home and keep your eyes peeled for the case he´d lie somewhere there. I´ll search it around here once more. Call me if you find him.”

They divided with these words.
By the time William woke up. His head was killing him and he had a strange feeling in his mouth. Everything was so confusing, but his mind started to clear up gradually. In his mouth... it wasn´t just a feeling. He had something in it... like a cloth or something like that.
Finally he started to realize everything. He was in some dark room with bare walls. The thing he had in his mouth was a gag! His hands and legs were tied to a chair. The penny dropped and he was dismayed. He admitted one thing.
“I was kidnapped!”

To be continued...

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