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University mysteries - Pilot

 *Hi, I´m Kate Danton and I decided to write about what is happening to me and what I´m doing. Even though I´m not very talkative girl I need to speak about my emotions. That is the reason why I´m going to write something like my internet diary. (This is me).

But to write about the present I must first write about the past.
This is my family – from the left my uncle John and his wife (my aunt) Bella, me (in that green jumper) and my sister Grace, our parents Bratt and Rebeca and cousin William and Molly (children of Bella and Jonh). We passed through many things and I tell you about the most memorable ones. the beginning there were my father Bratt and his siblings Bella and Gordon. They weren´t ordinary people, you know. Bratt is a wizard, Bella is a fairy and Gordon is a vampire.

Later, everyone had met someone who was very important to him – Bratt fall in love with Rebeca, Bella with John (Rebecas´ ex-husband) and Gordon met Janet (she is also a vampire). Bratt and Beca had me and my sister Grace, Bella and John had Molly and William. And then it went wrong. First Gordon tried to kill us! Then he and Janet brought back to life our evil ancestor Waren (because Janet used to love him) and he wanted to kill many other people to reach an infinitive power. Janet and Gordon found out how dangerous Waren is plus Janet had broken heart and she wanted to stop him so they join us. Fortunately Warens´ plan failed (thanks to us), we stopped him and prevent him in finishing his plans.

And it all happened in just few months during which we, children, got older of about 6 years thanks to special elixir.
Then we finally could lead normal lives. Still there were many things to catch up. We started to go to school, saw first snow, after few years there was study at high school, first loves...
Graduation ball was also quite fun, but Molly and Will were chosen for the king and queen of the ball and me and Grace...after all we enjoyed it quiet well too.
However the best moments were the ones with our parents. Thanks to all that terrible things we passed through our family holds together more than others. They always supported us, helped us and they were here for us anytime, anywhere.
Well I´m finally getting to the present. Recently we did the Tests of study conditions because we all want to study university and guess what! We did it, they accepted us! They accepted all of us so we can stay together. I´m so glad I´ll have there someone I know. (Here dad took a photo of Molly and Grace trying the tests at home. Well that is called family similarity).
 We passed the graduation exam so now we can go to university without any problems. This is all for today, I have to pack my things away, there´ll be our lift to university in a moment. We´ll live in a beautiful hall of residence. I hope we´ll enjoy it there. I´ll write you soon about new experiences. Bye and kiss, your Kate.*
Kate packed up and brought her luggage to others. Grace, Molly and William were waiting outside by a gateway. Soon a van came. They loaded their stuff and started to say goodbye to parents. You could hear that usual parental sentences immediately.
“Don´t you dare to do some problems!”
“Also study hard and make a lot of new friends,” told Rebeca.
“Mainly come back to us soon kids,” told Bratt when the van slowly disappeared behind the corner as the sun disappeared behind the hills.
After all-day packaging, our young-ones were so tired they fell asleep in the car. Journey took whole night. They reached their destination in the early morning when they were woken up by a voice of a driver.
“Here we are guys. You´ll be getting off the car soon.”
They got off in front of the hall of residence.
“So this will be our second home...” thought William.

There was place for 6 people in it. Because of stuff in one of the rooms, they thought the other 2 housemates were already accommodated. Kate and Molly took single-rooms, Will and Grace shared double-room.
They were unpacking their stuff when someone opened an entrance door. An young handsome guy got inside.
“Hey mates. Finally here? I´m Jack,” and he started to speak with Molly.

After a while he spoke to all again: “And you already know Alice, right?”
“Alice?” wondered Grace.
“No, we didn´t meet her yet.”
“That´s strange. She´s usually back here by this time,” told surprised Jack.
“She goes jogging in the afternoon. I´ll try to call her.”
Jack took a mobile phone and dialed her number.
“She isn´t answering,” told worried Jack and still was trying to call her.
Alice finally took the phone but Jack got white as a bone. He heard her voice – quiet and desperate.
“Jack? Jack...please, help me. Are you there?...I can´t anymore.”
“Alice?! Where are you? What was happened to you?” shouted terrified Jack to phone and others were nervously waiting.
“It hurts so much. I can´t move my leg. I think it´s...”
“What´s wrong with the leg? Alice? Alice!”
There was quiet in the phone.
“What was happened? Tell us!” shouted Kate.
“The phone is dead. I think she run out of battery. Oh my God...she is hurt, with dead phone and we even don´t know, where she is! What we´ll gonna do?”
A raindrops started to falling off a cloudy sky to poor Alice.

To be continued...

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