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University mysteries - ep. 5 - The Beginnings

There was just one weekend left and everyone wanted to fully enjoy it after that exhausting Friday. They wanted to get some rest too and get to know each other better as well. That was the reason why they spent a whole Saturday at hall of residence together and chatted about their interests and other things. Molly and Kate had their own plans for the evening. Molly went out with Sebastian again. He seemed to be nice and friendly, so everyone wished they would stay together. And Kate was asked to have a date with Greg. Actually, she was surprised he asked her. Why her, the shy girl? She don´t know what to say when she speaks with someone. At a high school she was that gray mouse which hardly ever someone even notices. Now it´s not even a week they had met first time and a handsome guy is asking her out. She didn’t know, if she wants to go or not.

“The life is a change and that mine is coming now,” she said and decided to go. They went to a coast of The Big Lake. It was a warm summer night, no clouds on the sky, around them a water surface was singing softly its song and the tree leaves was whispering. Molly and Sebastian went to the café. They couldn´t take their eyes off them again.
“Why are you looking at me so fixedly?” smiled Molly.

“You know...when I looked into your eyes I saw a shine of all the stars of the universe in them. Then my eyes looked a bit lower. They were attracted by your lips. The lips as red and juicy as a ripe cherry. And then I saw whole your face...It´s like a dream. But this is real and that´s why it is even more beautiful. I´m looking at you because you are my dream, which came truth. I just wish this moment would never end.”

“And you are my dream.” She blushed.

“Shall we dance? I love this one.”
Sebastian agreed. They were embracing for the rest of the evening and they felt light as a night fog in the woods when they were walking home.

Kate was worried about the appointment at first. However, Greg was very nice, he had a great behaviour and they understood each other very well. It seemed to be a wonderful night. They were holding their hands, after a while they hugged and Greg kissed her gently on her cheek. Then they kissed on their lips. Kate has never experienced something like this before. All the feelings she had were running in her head. They were hugging. She felt his strength, but also his gentleness, fragility, his warm breath on her nape. They were watching the sky strewn with millions of stars which seemed to blaze just for them.
“It´s so beautiful. I wish I could stay longer,” Kate thought.

A midnight was already gone and she was afraid others will be scared, where she is so long.

“It´s late. I should go,” she whispered to Greg´s ear.

“Do you really have to go? Don´t you want to stay just a little longer?”

“I´d like to, but I can´t. Others could be worried, where I am so long. Still it was really gorgeous.” She kissed him.

“Let me see you to a dormitory,” Greg said.

“You don´t have to. I know the way there and I´m not scared to walk alone.”
“Just a short way. We have partly a common route,” he said and made begging dog´s eyes. Kate nodded he can accompany her for that common part. They were chatting until they came to crossroad. There, Greg kissed her hand, thanked for a beautiful night and asked her once more if she is sure she don´t want to accompany to dormitory. She thanked him, but she answered she´ll really get there alone.

In fact Kate refused his accompaniment because she wanted to go alone. She needed to marshal her thoughts and those peaceful night walks are the best for this. She almost didn´t notice one thing when she was engrossed to her thoughts. When she noticed it, she stopped like she would freeze to the ground. She was standing for a while and watching that, then she quickly run to the hall of residence. It was just a few meters far.

“I must write about that until it´s in my memory so clear,” she thought and switched on her laptop.

*I know it´s a bit late today. Actually, I write so late, that it´s even early. But it´s important. I really didn´t go mad. Just a moment ago, when I was on way to hall of residence, I saw that strange light on a churchyard. But this time it was blue! It´s no coincidence. I think these lights are some signals. But who does them? For who? And why? There are a lot of questions, but I believe I´ll find the answers once. I think, I´ll visit the church soon and ask pastor, if he knows something about this.
And one more thing. When I was on way back, I had time and peace to think. I considered it thoroughly, allowed for all the facts and... well, I think I´m in love. You can object there should be no thinking of love, but feeling it. Well this is my way of behaving during important decisions. I think about it, I don´t want to haste it or make a wrong decision. I´m not sure if I should tell that person about my feelings... I don´t want to be refused. Until now it promises well. Maybe we could be together. We´ll see. It´s time to go to bed. Hopefully I´ll have some beautiful dream. So, bye and kiss, your Kate.*
On Sunday, they went for a Meeting party for future first-year students. It was held in university campus, so they could see the place they´ll be probably visiting for several another years. They expected there´ll be more people on the party, but it showed to be the smallest disappointment. The party was almost unbelievably boring and the music sucked.  Only Grace didn´t care about that, because she fixed her eyes on one young man. He returned that liking.
The party didn´t took long from a reason the school starts in fact next day. Everyone has dispersed to their halls of residence and lodgings before 8 pm.

They slept well, because they knew other days will be hard indeed, yet only William went to school full of energy and enthusiasm in the morning. He´s going to study medicine, so he knows he can´t allow himself to be sloppy.

“So, here we go,” Kate thought, when the whole university campus was stretching in front of her.

Next story is postponed indefinitely, because I won´t be at home for next two weeks.

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