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University mysteries - Pilot, second part

There was absolute quiet in the house. Even though it took just a few seconds, it seemed to everyone like an eternity. The time has stopped for a moment. Finally Jack broken the silence
“So what shall we do?”
“I think it´s obvious. We´ll call the police and launch a hunt. She´s harmed, she needs a help as soon as possible,” told William decisively.
“But the police won´t know where to look for her too!”
“Right now is the best thing to call the help and wait...”
“We can´t wait any longer!” Jack snapped at Will and started to panic.

They were interrupted by Grace: “Boys...that´s enough! Just don´t panic, it won´t help Alice. I´ve got an idea.”
They both were surprised.
“During your argument I called the police. Molly will wait until their arrival and tell them, what is going on here. Jack? Do you know about some Alices´ favourite thing? Something she could have a strong emotional relation with?”
“I´ll look upstairs. I think she should have her good luck charm from her granny there.”
“That could work. Bring it to me, please.”
Jack darted upstairs and started to look for her charm. Grace asked Kate to bring her laptop and find a map of surroundings.
“Now it´s clear to me, what do you want to try Grace,” said Kate taking her laptop out of her suitcase.
Meanwhile Jack returned with the charm. It was silver pendant with little owl.
“Well...I´m not sure, what do you want to do, but here it is.”

“I´ll explain it to you. With this charm I´ll try to partly transfer my consciousness to Alice and find out, where she could be. I won´t be able to speak with her, but I´ll try to find some clues. Then, on the map we´ll find a place which will correspond the most with what I had seen.”
“Are you some kind of medium or what? You know what...never mind. OK...even if I ignore that first part, it´s still just try – mistake method,” said mistrustfully Jack.
“Maybe it is, but it can narrow our range of search” remarked Kate.
Grace squeezed the pendant in her hand, closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She silently repeated words ´exhibera locas etus´ until she went into a trance. Kate showed them all to be quiet. They were waiting in breathless suspense for what will happen.
Out of the blue, Grace opened her eyes and fell down.
“So tell us!” shouted Jack meanwhile Molly was finding out if she is all right.
“There are trees all around, I could hardly see anything. She´s lying by some low wall. I also heard frogs so I suppose she´s somewhere near the water and I think I saw some towers.”
Kate immediately started to search suitable places in the map.
“Forests are all around except a shore of this great lake which is without trees or there are houses. Then there is just one more lake nearby. I would say she´s somewhere there.”
“I´m going there, you try to specify it more,” told Will.
“Jack, are you going with me?”

Jack didn´t hesitate for a moment, got to the car with Will and they set out to the lake.
“Can you describe more that towers? Unfortunately there are many of them.”
“They were next to each other, huge with straight roof, but there was something on it. Just don´t know what. It was too dark. I hardly saw the silhouettes.”
“I think towers of St. Sebastian church comply with your description.”
“Yeah, that´s it.”
“Perfect. I call William...Hello, Will? Do you hear me?”
“Jack´s here, Will is driving. Tell us what´s new.”
“All right boys, I think she should be somewhere north of the lake. Try to find that low wall there and go along it. Alice should be nearby.”
“Got it, we´re almost there. We´ll let you know the moment we´ll find her.”
The police arrived to the hall of residence. Molly quickly described everything to a policeman and that it may be necessary to send an ambulance to the lake. Meantime Jack and Will were searching the forest.
“Here is some wall!” shouted Jack.
“OK, you´ll go this way, I´ll go to the other side. If something, yell.”

It was still raining, there were mud all around and it got cold. Suddenly Will saw something ahead. It was Alice. He shouted at Jack and carefully came up to her to not to slip.
The ambulance and the police car were waiting on the forest edge when Jack besides William carrying Alice in his arms came out of the forest.

“Her leg is broken and she´s slightly hypothermic, but it´s nothing plaster and few days in hospital bed couldn´t deal with,” said called paramedic.
“The school starts in 9 days so you won´t miss a thing,” smiled Jack standing by Alice when she was getting to the ambulance.
“I want to thank you, also for Alice who will surely thank you when she´ll come back. Still I don´t understand, how did you find out where she is.”

“It´s quite simple. My sister Grace is in a sort of way a witch and I just used mathematic, when by the height of the towers I eliminated places by the lake from which you can´t see them.”
In the late evening Kate was writing about that in her diary.

*...So together we managed to find Alice in time. Soon she´ll be healthy again. You know, it´s strange, but I´m grateful for all the excitement. For many years there was no action in our lives. It was boring. Today it was like when we used to be small children. I´m very happy it ended well. I´ll write you tomorrow again. Bye and kiss, your Kate.* 

The evening was gorgeous, it cleared up and the sun began to do magic with the colours of the sky. The statues of st. Sebastian standing on a top of the church towers were watching over the town. This is just the beginning.

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